A few boring facts about me

My interest in information technologies appeared when I was at high school. I was in the eighth grade when I created my first web pages whit “Microsoft Frontpage” and “Dreamweaver”.  Later I studied „QBasic“ but I developed only basic skills. Two or three years after I finished primary school, I started work in one of the greatest computer companies in Svilengrad. For more than eight years I repaired computers, laptops, printers, solved problems, installed and configured small networks, I taught clients how to work with software or peripheral devices. After those long years of loyal work in „Techno Vision“ where I learned a lot of skills, I decided to take follow another career another way. That happened when my friend told me „you have the potential go to university and learn in depth what you love“. So I applied at a university and I am happy with the new horizons which it opens to me.

I have experience with the following technologies

During the last years, I have worked with „PHP“ with frameworks „Laravel“ and „WordPress“, I know how to create plugins and edit themes.

„WordPress“ has a big community and that is why it has one of most popular content management systems it is used by 59,9% of all websites.

Another technology I have experience with is „.NET“ with „Entity framework“ and I am less experienced with „ASP.NET“ and „WEBFORMS“ but I like them very much. I also like „Java“ but I find „Android“ and „Xamarin“ for even more interesting.

The reason why I started this blog

I created this blog with the intention to learn and share. I think this is an easy way to learn fast. I may also be useful to someone else. I hope that with this blog I can reach more people who have the same interests like me and we can learn together.